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Everything You Must Know About 360 Photo Booths

Call it 360 Photo Booth or Social 360, this era belongs to this innovative technology. Photos and Videos are an integral part of our lives as they capture and beautifully store all of our memories. With the advancement in technology now videography and photography have evolved to a whole new level. And now and then we hear about a new gadget coming out to make clicking pictures and recording videos more fun than ever.

When we first hear about tripod stands, Selfie sticks, and drones we all were shocked, and almost every one of us start spending the $$$ to grab a hold of those tools to enjoy the experience of videography and of course, the photography. So, either you are a professional photographer or just an enthusiast interested in event coverage 360 Photo Booth must be included in your business because nothing can make video coverage more fun than this tool.

Currently, 360 Photo Booth is the hottest and most demanding tool in the entertainment and media market thanks to its amazing and unique way of coverage. Keep in mind that 360 Photo Booth is just for video making and not for pictures. There are multiple 360 Photo Booths brands from where you can buy this tool to start your own business or to make an amazing addition to your business. Or you always have an option of 360 Photo Booth rental to use this to record your event in a fun way for your desired amount of time.

Let’s talk about 360 Photo Booths in detail to help you understand this tool and how it can increase your photography or videography business;

What is a 360 Photo Booth?

360 Photo Booth, in reality, is a video booth that can capture 120 frames in just one second. There is a platform attached on which a user will stand and a revolving video camera will take a full 360-degree spin around that person to capture the video and that too in slow motion.

All those users or your clients (if you have a photography business) will get the most creative content captures of their events or conferences. It is best if you are looking to add excitement to your events and don’t want your guests to experience a tedious event.

The best thing about 360 Photo Booth is that the user can get the slow-motion videos directly on their devices, mobile phones, or PCs, via email or texts.

So, whether you have birthday parties, weddings, brand activations, or other events to cover, 360 Photo Booth will be a perfect match for you.

How 360 Photo Booth Works?

360 Photo Booth works pretty smartly. To get started your guests must stand on the round booth. It is preferred to stand back-to-back if two persons are willing to get their video record together.

Now you can have two types of 360 Photo Booth, Automatic spin or Manual Spin. In manual spin, you would have to give the metal arm a push to make it spin around the platform where the customer or your guest is standing. In automatic one, after a count down the metal arm itself start spinning around the person for a specific time to capture the entire shot.

So, pose in whatever way you want, dance, smile, or do cool stuff with your partner or friend, 360 Photo Booth will capture your happy moments uniquely and entertainingly.

Here, the best thing is you don’t have to buy some super-duper camera your iPhone or any other android with good camera features can record you. The 360 Photo Booth came with a stand to hold your phone or ring light, so don’t worry about how you will set up your devices. And then simply share the video or pictures instantly with social media. That’s it you are all set to start your 360 Photo Booth Business.

360 Photo Booth Installation

The installation of 360 Photo Booth can get tricky for beginners, so here is a quick guide to doing so;

Metal Arm Installation

First of all, you would have to attach the metal arm with the platform on which someone will stand. Just attach the metal mole and insert the screw on both sides to prevent it from falling. Make sure the screws are tight and the metal arm can stand firmly without you holding it.

You can always tighten or loosen it to lean it back to adjust the angle. If you will lean it back it will give you a full-body angle. So, depending upon what angle your customer wants you can tighten or loosen the screw accordingly.

The metal arm also has an extender. This means if you have enough space, you can extend out the metal arm and it will record you from head to toe. The extender is usually used for tall people.

Attach Light and Recording Device

Secondly, on the top of the metal pole, there is a space to attach your ring light. You can attach your iPad or mobile in ring light like we usually do. Then attach the ring light to the top of the metal pole by inserting it in a hole made at the top of the pole. After this, tighten the screw to make your ring light and iPad secure and hold the devices in a place.

Plugin the Cords

Next, attach the cords to provide electricity. You will hear a beep which will indicate that your 360 photo Booth is active. Now if the 360 Photo Booth is automatic, you will have a remote and you can make it spin by pressing the button. But if it is manual then you can give it a push and it will revolve around the person standing on Booth.

Always pre-check the speed of the metal arm, before starting to make sure it's perfect to record the [person standing o  booth perfectly.

Is 360 Photo Booth Business Right at this Time

It all depends upon you! If you are passionate about your photography and want to pursue this as your dream profession the answer is straightforward YES.

When starting a 360 Photo Booth business you will have to work with other stuff like lights, cameras, and filters. Professionals say that using 360 Photo Booth is more fun than swiping filters on Instagram to adjust your pic saturation, lightning, and other stuff to make your video or picture stand out from the rest.

Another thing that might encourage you to start your 360 Photo Booth business is the low establishment cost as compared to other businesses. Also, this business will thrive anywhere as long as the scenery back is excellent and of course, lightning too. So, forgot to invest your dollars to buy or rent an expensive studio. On average, you can easily make 100$ per hour, in any event, to capture and turn the moments of the event into beautiful memories in a fun and unique way.

Be Prepared To Start Your Own 360 Photo Booth Company

Now if you really have this in mind to start your 360 Photo Booth business then it is high time to start searching for different options and preparing yourself. Fortunately, that too is not that difficult.

1.     Have a Vision

To start your company in the photography industry, you must have a vision. A vision of where you want to see yourself and your brand in a few years. Your vision should be attractive, catchy, memorable, and thrilly enough to leave your mark on your customers. So, that they won’t forget your company name just after one event.

2.     Invest In Reliable Equipment

Now search for the equipment needed to start your 360 Photo Booth Company. The material list must include;

  • 360 Photo Booth (We will talk about some best options later in the article)
  • iPad with HD quality camera or a Point-Shoot Camera
  • For Booth’s interior, a backdrop and stand will be needed
  • Tripod
  • Spotlights
  • Lighting Umbrella to add more light to your videos

3.     A place for Your Company

You can call this an optional thing. But as a professional, you will need a place for your company for sure at some point in your career. So, it is better if you have a headquarter to operate your business. This place will be necessary to conduct the operation, client meetings, equipment storage, editing, and working on the videos to make a perfect and amazing fun slow-motion video in the end.

If you don’t want to invest in place at the start, you can always start in your garage!

4.     Go Online and Make an amazing website

The next step is also the most important one. People are not that aware of this technology and whenever they will search for it you would like your company’s name to appear in front of them, wouldn’t you?

That’s why go online and create a beautiful website where you will regularly post 360 Photo Booth-related content and your recent workings.

Also, add your email, address, or any other way to reach out to you so that customers can easily contact you.

5.     Train Yourself and Your Team

Practice makes a man perfect. So, keep practicing on your 360 Photo Booth to become perfect and professional in your field. Moreover, it is necessary to hire a crew who comes from a photography background. When you will have a team of different photographers you will get the results full of combinations of different aesthetics. So, make sure your crew knows what you expect from them and what are your vision and goals.

6.     Launch Your Business Everywhere

As we have mentioned before, this is the era of technology. People are developing their businesses online and are using social media platforms to promote their businesses. You can do this too. Create your company’s page and account on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest too. Upload aesthetically beautiful pictures and videos to hold the attention of viewers. It will develop an air of trust between you and your customers to be.

Reasons Why You Need a 360 Photo Booth For Your Next Event

From kids to elderly people, everyone nowadays loves to capture pictures and record videos in the events. The photo booth will be the best for you to keep your event entertaining for your guests and attendees. Here look at why you need a 360 Photo Boot for your next event;

1.     Everything in Just One Set up

360 Photo Booth usage is not limited to just recording fun videos. 360 Photo Booth companies have made the 360 photos Booth a whole package for their clients. You can click photos, create portraits, a fun GIF of your guest’s choice, and of course the videos too.

2.     Experience a Celebrity feel by a Paparazzi Vibe

A 360 Photo Booth captures your pictures from every angle and records video of you with a 360-degree spin. With the camera at every angle of your body and face, you can’t help but feel like a celebrity because we all know; paparazzi don’t miss an angle while clicking pictures. And 360 Photo Booth will be paparazzi for you.

So, in the next event, nothing can stop you from posing to your own 360 Photo Booth paparazzi right in front of you.

3.     A new Decor Addition to Your Event

Without decoration, an event is all boring. And if your decoration is not interested enough to hold your attendee’s attention then all your effort was for nothing. You can easily add 360 photo Booth as your new décor element in your event because 360 Photo Booth doesn’t look like a booth at all.

It is not your regular box booth; it can be customized in any way you want to match your event decoration and vibe. If you are hosting an event where stalls of different stuff will be installed a separate stall of a 3d selfies and 360-spin slow Mo videos will make a perfect addition. And if you have an extra budget, you can easily get your 360 Photo Booth customized so that your guests have different backgrounds to choose from.

4.     Instantly get all your videos and pictures

Gone are the days when you have to wait for some days to get your pictures and videos. A 360 Photo Booth can instantly provide you with your captures via email, texts, or other online sharing platforms.

5.     Don’t want to buy? Rent or Hire

Now if you don’t want to buy a complete 360 Photo Booth set up then just go for 360 Photo Booth rental or hire a professional or company to make your event fun and entertaining for your visitors.

If you will go for the 360 Photo Booth Rental option you would have to do everything on your own like operating and installing the equipment. But if you are hiring a professional you wouldn’t have to do anything. The company will take care of everything from installing and operating to capturing, editing, and sharing.

Best 360 Photo Booth To Buy or Rent

From budget-friendly manual 360 Photo Booths to premium quality automatic spin booths, you can find dozens of brands in the market. But of course, some are better than others. So, here are some of the best 360 Photo Booths which you can buy now;

  • Revospin RM-4 Round Manual 360 Booth – Will Cost you 2,499 $
  • OM-4 Octagon Manual 360 Booth – Will Cost You 2,499 $
  • Revospin RM-5 Manual Spin 360 Booth – Will Cost You 3,499 $
  • RA-6 Round Automatic 360 Booth – Will Cost You 4,999 $
  • Infinite LED RAL-6 Round 360 Photo Booth Deluxe Package (Automatic Spin) -  Will Cost You 7,500 $

360 Photo Booth Accessories You can Buy

  • Led Ring Lights
  • Wireless Tube Lights controlled by remote
  • iPad sharing Station
  • Artificial Set of 4 Silk Fire Flame Effect LED Lights
  • Velvet Rope with Stanchions
  • Portable TV Stand With Custom logo
  • Quick Release Professional ball Mount

These accessories will give a more professional as well as a realistic touch to your 360-booth business. Also, the lightning can make the video recording better and you wouldn't need to edit the videos. Moreover, you can download different software on your record devices to use different filters. It will make the results more amazing.

Final Words

So, that’s it for now. This is everything you need to know about the 360 Photo Booths. Depending on your budget you can buy either manual or automatic one. To start your business, you should go for manual 360 spin booth and once you are growing you can update your 360 equipment to automatic one.

It all depends on you, your passion related to photography/videography, and your budget of course. You can find multiple types of 360 Photo Booths rental options too. So, if you think if you don’t have the budget now to add this device to your photography equipment then you can opt for rental option to start providing your customers a unique and entertaining experience.


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