Why Start a Photo Booth Business

Why Start a Photo Booth Business?


If you’ve been to a wedding or an office party recently, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a photo booth. Photo booths are becoming ever more popular for events, and it’s easy to see why – everyone loves them. But have you ever thought of making an independent business out of them? A photo booth business is one of the simplest businesses to run, with great potential for making a lot of money.


High Income Potential

The amount you can charge for a photo booth rental varies a lot depending on your market, but a nightly rental will typically be between $500 and $1000, and possibly more in a big city. Even after deducting expenses, you’re easily looking at making about $100 per hour. If you expand your business to include multiple photobooths, you could be making thousands of dollars per event night, even after accounting for staffing costs.


Low Starting Costs

The main thing you need to start a photo booth business is, of course, a photo booth. A high-quality photo booth for sale will cost between about $2000 and $7000, depending on the features you want. That means you’ll be earning a return on your investment after just a few events. And at VS Booth 360, we offer a range of photo booth financing options that make it even easier to get started.


Low Maintenance Costs

Expenses for a photo booth business are relatively low. To provide customers with prints, you’ll need a printer, photo paper, and ink. You’ll also want to build up a collection of props. Finally, you should expect to spend some money on gas to get to and from events. For a typical four- to five-hour event, you can expect expenses to be about $100.



Because photo booth rentals are event-oriented, you can choose your own schedule. Most events will be during the evening, so you can keep your days free or run your own photo booth as a side gig. It’s easy to control your own schedule to choose how much free time (and how much money!) you want. This makes running a photo-booth business appealing to a lot of entrepreneurs.


If you’re thinking of starting a photo booth business, either as part of your existing event company or on its own, we can help you get started. At VS Booths 360, we offer the best photo booths for sale. Your customers will love the results, and you’ll love the income.

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