You Purchased a 360 now how do you market yourself.

Conngratulations on your new journey as a 360 photo booth owner. You probably have an idea on how to get your name out there now you just have to execute.

 A lot of customers will do a promotional event just to get the practice and their name out there. I have had successful customers tell me that they would charge less just to get the event. Once they’re booked out for the month they start to raise prices. If they still get booked out they will continue to raise prices until it slows down and then find the median price people are willing to pay. You have to test the market in your area. 

Some of my customers have found creative ways to maximize their profits. For example one of my customers purchased a manual spin booth and took it to a nfl tailgate, charged 10 dollars per person had two get on at a time and did over 120 sessions in 2 hours made 2400 in one day. Thats the price of the booth. Another customer teamed up with a karaoke bar did the same thing and charged per person and he too made about 2000 in one night. Theres so many ways to maximize profits and gain exposure with social media. All you have to do is customize a template with your website on the bottom of the template. When they share it on their Instagram page all their friends will see your website.  Theres no doubt you made the right decision, you can grow this business to as big as you want to take it.

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