360 Grand LED Photo Booth Enclosure - VS Booths 360

360 Grand LED Photo Booth Enclosure

Regular price $7,500.00 Sale price$4,500.00

Pair your 360 spinner with a custom 360 LED Photo Booth Enclosure. Our LED enclosures are sure to attract the crowd and keep them entertained for hours.

All of our enclosures are equipped with multi-colored RGB LED light tubes to make your 360 videos look amazing!

Lead time: 1-2 weeks


✅ Easy Setup, Lightweight

✅ Multi-Colored RGB LED Lights

✅ External TV mount

✅ Accommodates Guests Of All Sizes 

✅ Easy to Transport


Diameter 9.8 ft, Height 8.9 ft, Vertical Panels Size: 3.3 x 7.7 x 1 ft

Note: Does not include external TV monitor

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